Pelleve® for the holidays anyone? Smooth out your wrinkles!

by Shannon Traphagen

Skincare products change as rapidly as the seasons, making it difficult to know what treatment is best. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, reports that the number of holistic and medical cosmetic procedures has increased over 250% in the last ten years.

Lydia LaBoy, licensed aesthetician and skincare specialist at Southtowns MediSpa enjoys sharing her knowledge as to what works best when it comes to skin care. She says,
“It’s about being aware of the best products and using them safely to help clients feel better about themselves.” LaBoy has has seen many products come and go during the past nine years as an esthetician, saying, “The best products are the ones that have been researched, tested and used with the utmost care by experienced practitioners.”

One product getting significant attention at MediSpa is Pelleve®, a non-invasive skin tightening and facial wrinkle reduction treatment. Pelleve® uses radiofrequency energy to evenly heat subcutaneous tissue stimulating collagen production. Pelleve® is not a laser, and there are no side effects, other than slight swelling and redness which disappears within a few hours. LaBoy says there is essentially no downtime, and patients typically opt for a series of three treatments to obtain optimal results. Thereafter, a maintenance treatment every one to two years helps maintain the treatment’s anti-aging effect.

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To learn more about Pelleve® contact Southtowns MediSpa for a consultation. The spa also offers a variety of therapies, including massage, anti-aging, and laser therapy